Desensitization Agents & Fluorides


Cariostatic, bactericidal and dental remineralization agent.

FAgamin® is a 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) solution that acts as a powerful cariostatic agent, caries inhibitor, remineralizer, bactericide with anti-enzymatic action, protein-coagulant and desensitizer.

It combines both the effects of silver and fluoride on the teeth in one product.

It has a wide range of clinical applications:

In devitalized teeth, in cavity preparations for prostheses, crowns, fixed bridges, stud bolts, and carving of columns before cementation and when it is desired to preserve the support element.

When crowns or amalgams are removed with leaks.

On incipient or rampant caries.

In the treatment of cavities in temporary teeth in children where the aesthetic factor is not important.

In infected root canals (diluting it).

Presentation form

  • Dropper bottle x 5 ml.