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About us

We manufacture products of the highest quality for the dental community since 1987.

We know, understand and empower dental health professionals.

TEDEQUIM S.R.L. was founded in 1987 with the purpose of manufacturing in Argentina national alternatives to imported dental products to be accessible, especially to university students.

The first trademark products were the REDAMIN® caries detector, the TESTPLAC® bacterial plaque disclosing solution and the FAgamin® SDF. It also included the development of valued solutions and buffers for analysis or quality control laboratories.

In 1992 the facilities were moved to a new location where an area for the preparation of Sanitizers and Disinfectants approved by A.N.M.A.T. (National Administration of Medicines, Foods and Medical Technology) was developed, thus emerging Bacterol, an effective general purpose cleaner.

In 1994, the Clarident dental bleaching kit was launched, this being the first dental whitening kit for professional use manufactured in the country.

In the year 2000, Endoquim, a complete endodontic line with exclusive design was introduced into the market.

The growth of the business during those years led to the construction of a new plant that quadrupled the work area previously available in a new location.

The new building, in which the laboratory has been operating since 2004, has an events room for lecturing, workshops, and training meetings, research and development area, quality control area, production areas, conditioning, warehousing, distribution and administration.

The quality of the products was always guaranteed, from the very beginning, working under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), according to the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the preparation of medicines.

Committed to our conviction of continuous improvement, we obtained the ISO 9001 standard certificate issued by DNV.

This commitment has not stopped and our excellence in quality has opened new doors for Tedequim to transcend borders. To assume these challenges, since 2018, we also have the ISO 13485 certification issued by IRAM, positioning ourselves as an outstanding and competitive alternative in different parts of the world.

The founder partners of TEDEQUIM S.R.L. are highly qualified professionals in chemical research.

Their PhDs., a considerable number of publications ininternationaly renown journals, experience in foreign universities and the career of the CONICET researcher (National Council of Scientific and Technical Research) endorse their competence in this field.

TEDEQUIM S.R.L. has collaborated since its foundation with professionals, institutions and clients, providing scientific and technical support to the academic activities of the country and working with the conviction of joining forces between those who make up the dental and scientific community.