Disinfectants & Sanitizers


Antifoaming Tabs

Prevents the generation of foam in the suction system of the dental unit.

During suction, foam is produced which can interrupt the equipment undesirably.
This foam is the result of the turbulence generated by sanitizing substances, blood, saliva, etc.
Antifoam tablets prevent this frequent stopping of the equipment.

Mode of use:
Insert one or two tablets in the filter of the cannula holder or in the basket.
The tablet will slowly dissolve as the liquid passes through, releasing gradually the defoaming, cleaning, anticoagulant and disinfectant agents.
For immediate action, simply aspirate a little water with the cannula after inserting the tablet and before starting to use the aspirator.
The product is safe and stable, does not cause irritation or allergies.
Handle with gloves.

Presentation form

  • Tabs x 20.