Clarident Photo-Activable

Clarident is an in office photo-activating dental bleaching kit.

Whitens stains produced by: fluorosis, tetracycline, nicotine, aging, pulpal trauma, pulp hemorrhage and food pigmentation.

The bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide at 38%.

It acts on vital and non-vital parts.

For internal or external use.

The treatment can be completed in just one session.

This method is less expensive and more accepted than the use of veneers.

Contains a photo-sensitizer to be used with dental bleaching lamps emitting between 420 and 530 nm.

Presentation form

  • Oxigel powder: glass bottle x 2.5 g.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: 2 dropper bottles x 5 ml.
  • Gingival and lips protector: syringe x 9.
  • Accessories